‘Views From The Garden’ 

Currently I have been working on a mixture of expressionistic paintings of landscapes and a series of work ‘Views from the Garden’. It’s about the unseen energy and movement that takes place within nature. I try to convey the harmony and the chaos. The expression over realism. These paintings can become very complex and chaotic but I find nature sometimes equally that way. I enjoy the challenge of working with a large palette of colors and the way they work or fight against each other. It’s challenging that the moment you make some marks or changes in one part of the painting it affects the whole. I generally like to work quite large as I find it gives the greatest impact for the viewer. Chaos, movement, color, texture, shape and form, …. it’s all there.

Twisted Sister 30"x 40" 0il on Canvas
Twisted Sister
30″x 40″
0il on Canvas
48″ x 72″
Oil on Canvas
54″ x 60″
Oil on Canvas
Better Days
30″ x 40″
Oil on Canvas
Playing In The Park
41″ x 48″
Mixed Media on Panel
Going Wild
48″ x 48″
Mixed Media on Panel
36″ x 42″
Oil on Canvas
Morning Glory
36″ x 36″
Oil on Canvas